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terça-feira, 11 de abril de 2017


[ Japão | Coreia do Sul ]
[ China | Taiwan | Tailândia ]


Black Pean

Bloody Monday

Bloody Monday 2

Boku to Star no
99 Nichi

Boys Over Flowers Season 2

Brother's Friend


Gakeppuchi Hotel

Hidarime Tantei Eye

I Love You, But I Have a Secret

Kahogo no Kahoko


Last Hope

Liar Game 2

Lucky Seven


Mare - OST 1

Mare - OST 2

Mare - OST 3

Mirai Nikki

Miss Devil: HR's Devil Mako Tsubaki

Nobuta wo Produce

Orthros no Inu


Seigi no Se

Seito Shokun!

Shitsuji Saionji no Meisuiri


Soredemo, Ikite Yuku


Suki na Hito ga
Iru Koto

Taisetsu na koto wa subete kimi ga oshiete kureta

Taiyo no uta

Taiyo no uta - Lim Ed.


Watashi ga Renai
Dekinai Riyuu

Zenkai Girl


A Secret That Everyone Knows

About Time

Are You Human Too?(OST)

Are You Human Too? (CD 1)

Are You Human Too? (CD 2)

Boys Before Flowers

Bridal Mask

Can't Lose

Cinderella's Sister

Come and Hug Me (OST)

Come and Hug Me (OST Special)

Descendants of
the Sun

Dream High


Go Ho' Starry Night

Handsome Guy and Jung Eum (OST )

Handsome Guy and Jung Eum (CD 1)

Handsome Guy and Jung Eum (CD 2)

(OST Special)

Ho Goo's Love

Home Sweet


Just Between Lovers (OST 1)

Just Between Lovers (OST 2)

Lawless Lawyer
(Duo CD)

Love Distance

Luv Pub

Miracle We Met

Miss Hammurabi
(OST 1)

Miss Hammurabi
(OST 2)

Mistress (OST)

Mistress (BGM)

Moon Lovers

My Mister (OST)

My Mister (CD 1)

My Mister (CD 2)

Mysterious Personal Shopper

Number Woman Gye
Sook Ja (Duo CD)

OK to Be Sensitive

Parting Left (Trio CD)

Prison Playbook
(OST 1)

Prison Playbook
(OST 2)

Sassy, Go Go

Scent of a Woman

Secret Mother


Something in
the Rain


Sunny Again Tomorrow

The Great Seducer (OST 1)

The Great Seducer
(OST 2)


To the Beautiful You

Twenty Again

Valid Love

Waves, Waves

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim (OST)

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim (CD 1)

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim (CD 2)

Wok of Love

Your House Helper (OST 1)

Your House Helper (OST 2)

You're Beautiful


A Life Time Love

A Love So Beautiful

Accidental Firing

Ashes of Love

Because of Meeting You

Bedtime Hero

Beyond Light Years

Cambrian Period

Cinderella Chef

Cover the Sky


Deep In The Realm Of Conscience

Demon Catcher Zhong Kui

Double Life

Excellent Investor

Fighter of the Destiny

Fighting for Love

Frontier of Love

Great Expectations


Hello Dear Ancestors

Here to Heart

Hero's Dream

Hi! My Ex

Ice Fantasy

Imagine Me Without You

Legend of Fu Yao

Long For You

Lost in 1949

Love Is In The Air

Love O2O

Love The Courier

Love Won't Wait

Love's Lies

Marriage Adventures

Meet in Youth Love in Foods

Meteor Garden
(Duo CD)

Moonshine And Valentine

Mr. Right

My Classmate from Far Far Away

My Fairy Girl

My Love from the Ocean

My Mr. Mermaid

My Story for You

Next Time, Together Forever

Only Side by Side with You

Pretty Li Hui Zhen

Pretty Man

Proud of Love

Rookie Agent Rouge

Rush to the Dead Summer


Stay with Me

Suddenly This Summer

Summer's Desire
(Trio CD)

Sweet Dreams

Ten Miles of Spring Wind Can't Compare to You

The Big Bug

The Destiny Of
White Snake

The Drug Hunter

The Left Ear

The Legend of Jade Sword

The Legend of the Condor Heroes

The Mystic Nine

The Rise of

The Starry Night,
The Starry Sea

The Surgeons

The Taoism Grandmaster

The Way We Were

To Love, To Heal

Twenties Once Again


Wan Neng Library

When We Were Young

Women in Beijing

Women of Shanghai
(Duo CD)

Wonderful Life


Age of Rebellion

Attention, Love


Dark Blue and The Moonlight

Fight For Fever

Hi, My Sweetheart!


Judo High

La Boum

Loving, Never Forgetting

Love You

Meet Me @ 1006

Mermaid Sauna

See You In Time

Single Ladies Senior

Someone Like You

The Ex-Man

Tree in the River


Charm of Miss Chinese Opera

Chuamong Tong Mon

Dao Jarut Fah

Devil's Trap

Fabulous 30: The Series

Grass Flower In The Storm

Kai Mook Mungkorn Fire

Kom Faek

Lep Krut

Little Girl

Meu Prab Yeow Dam

Mr. Merman

My Cinderella Girl

My Dear Loser Series: Part 1

My Dear Loser Series: Part 2

My Hero Series:
Part 2

My Hero Series:
Part 3

Pan Ta Gaan Ruk

Petch Roy Ruk

Sampatan Hua Jai

Sapai Ka Fak

Secret Trick While Bodies Switch

Senior Secret Love: Puppy Honey 2

Sotus S: The Series

The Crown Princess

The Twin Stars

Wang Nang Hong

You Are Me

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